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When should employees apply for their CPP retirement pensions?

Every person working in payroll or HR has, at one time or another, been asked this question: When is the best time for employees to start collecting CPP retirement benefits? These benefits are payable at any time after age 60, … Continue reading

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Avoiding payroll fraud

Everyone is familiar with the phrase “dead horses on the payroll”. It describes one common form of payroll fraud, creating and paying employees who don’t actually exist. Payroll fraud is a serious problem in Canada, although there don’t seem to … Continue reading

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When must employees take the vacation time they have earned?

One of the fundamental employment standards entitlements is vacation time. Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, employees might want to either defer or waive their right to this time. Are employers permitted to grant these requests? This really several different … Continue reading

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Increased incentives for delaying CPP retirement pensions

The federal government, acting in concert with the provinces, has recently made a series of changes to incentives that seek to delay employees taking their CPP retirement pensions, until at least age 65. In part, these changes were brought on … Continue reading

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Encouraging EI claimants to work while on benefit

One criticism often levelled at the Employment Insurance system is that it discourages claimants from accepting part-time or short-term work, while on benefit. Such work can often be a path back to full-time employment. For that reason, the amount that … Continue reading

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