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When does employment end – What is employment versus other income?

A number of recent postings to Canadian HR and payroll related LinkedIn groups, have raised questions about classifying earnings as either income from employment (wages in lieu of notice) or as other income (retiring allowance). In part, these postings also … Continue reading

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How to interpret the Ontario employment standards definition of “work”

Hourly paid employees have to get paid for each hour they work. You wouldn’t think there could be much controversy over that. However, like many other aspects of payroll, the devil is in the details and here the details are … Continue reading

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The risks of treating employees as self-employed contractors

The CBC reported this week that Shaw Communications was found to have broken the federal Canada Labour Code, in relation to two persons who formerly worked at one of its smaller Vancouver business units. The business unit treated the two … Continue reading

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How to calculate overtime for salaried employees in Ontario

I was recently asked this question about overtime for salaried employees in Ontario. If the regular hours of work are 37.5 and employees work past the overtime threshold of 44 hours per work week, how are the hours between 37.5 … Continue reading

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Pay Equity and What it is Not

I moderated a seminar on pay equity in Ontario on February 21, 2013, and one of the speakers made an interesting point about what pay equity is not. The speaker, Veronique Soldini, of the Ontario Pay Equity Commission, made the … Continue reading

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