Need to Know

Unsure about your compliance with Canadian payroll requirements, including employment standards or source deductions and reporting? The Need to Know resources below have been developed to explain these requirements in a simple, straightforward manner suitable for small-business owners, HR professionals and payroll staff.

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Each workbook contains detailed scenarios and answers for common compliance questions, for the topic concerned. While these workbooks may be downloaded separately, the same calculations also appear in the relevant compliance guides, webinars and seminars.

Each compliance guide contains real-life examples to illustrate the requirements described, as well as the completed workbook calculations developed for that topic. These guides breakdown complex compliance requirements into smaller segments, so they’re easier to understand.

Recorded webinars, live webinars and onsite seminars take the same material and present it in a PowerPoint format. The live and onsite sessions allow for plenty of interaction among both the presenter and attendees.