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Which Tax Year?

Everyone understands that T4 reporting applies on a cash basis, based on actual pay dates. For example, a bi-weekly pay period may cover work between December 14 and 27, 2013, but the pay day for that work may fall on … Continue reading

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Payroll Dates

In payroll, everything is about dates. Of course, not dates, as in couples or fruit, but dates as in 24 hour time periods. There are two basic types of dates used in payroll: dates used to define employee demographics and … Continue reading

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Banked Overtime – When must source deductions be taken?

Banked overtime is a common payroll practice. When overtime is banked, the issues that arise usually deal with whether dollars or time are banked, how long overtime may be kept in the bank and the rate at which banked overtime … Continue reading

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What’s required for retroactive processing in payroll software?

Retroactive payroll processing can be one of the toughest tasks faced by any payroll system. Yet, for many employers, the ability to process retroactive pay adjustments is a fundamental requirement. This article explains some of the basic needs before a … Continue reading

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