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Why you shouldn’t give employees payroll advances

For a small employer or a small payroll department, it can be an awkward situation if employees ask for an advance on their wages. In effect, such request is for an informal, short-term employer loan. However, there are also other … Continue reading

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Disconnect between EI insurable earnings and hours for statutory holidays

Employment standards drive what employees must be paid for statutory holidays – either for entitlement to the holiday itself or for actual work on the holiday. Every employment standards jurisdiction in Canada requires that statutory holiday pay, the entitlement to … Continue reading

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What changed on January 6, 2013?

In last spring’s federal budget, the government signalled its intention to tighten-up the criteria around EI claimant job searches. Claimants have always been expected to be actively looking for work, in order to qualify for regular benefits, but these changes, … Continue reading

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Encouraging EI claimants to work while on benefit

One criticism often levelled at the Employment Insurance system is that it discourages claimants from accepting part-time or short-term work, while on benefit. Such work can often be a path back to full-time employment. For that reason, the amount that … Continue reading

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Reporting subseqent payments to Service Canada

Reporting Subsequent Payments to Service Canada You would think that once an employee has been let go, that would be that. But payroll is never just that simple. It’s not at all uncommon for employees to be paid after what … Continue reading

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