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Challenges in Paying Employees by Salary

In payroll, salaries are fixed earnings, paid for the elapse of specific time periods, commonly a pay period, month or year. The defining characteristic of salaries is they don’t depend on how much time is actually worked during these elapsed … Continue reading

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In Payroll, Numbers are Everything

The primary payroll task is to pay employees accurately and on time. This always involves calculations related to specific time periods. For example, it may be necessary to calculate an hourly rate when salaried employees work overtime. One of these … Continue reading

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How to calculate overtime for salaried employees in Ontario

I was recently asked this question about overtime for salaried employees in Ontario. If the regular hours of work are 37.5 and employees work past the overtime threshold of 44 hours per work week, how are the hours between 37.5 … Continue reading

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How many hours of work for call-in or reporting pay?

How many hours of work is this? Robert reports to work for his regular 8 hour shift on Tuesday morning. He works in shipping and receiving for a small manufacturer. It’s year-end and the company is doing its annual inventory, … Continue reading

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How must overtime be measured?

The fundamental task in payroll is to pay employees accurately. So how much is the following employee entitled to be paid as overtime? Linda’s work is subject to overtime after she works 8 hours on a daily basis. Linda worked … Continue reading

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