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Averaging agreements aren’t a silver bullet

Averaging agreements can be useful tools for employers to help manage overtime costs, but they aren’t a silver bullet. Under the BC employment standards, there are three main benefits from calculating overtime based on an averaging agreement: Overtime on a … Continue reading

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Insurable Hours for Time Not Worked

It might seem odd, that while the primary requirement for EI insurable earnings is that they be paid to employees, by contrast insurable hours aren’t always hours actually worked. A good example of this is banked overtime, taken subsequently as … Continue reading

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Statutory Holidays 101

Correctly processing statutory holidays is a complex task. Not only are there significant differences between the employment standard requirements by jurisdiction, but there can also be wide variances among employer policies and practices. There often isn’t even agreement about what … Continue reading

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In Payroll, Numbers are Everything

The primary payroll task is to pay employees accurately and on time. This always involves calculations related to specific time periods. For example, it may be necessary to calculate an hourly rate when salaried employees work overtime. One of these … Continue reading

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Statutory Holidays after Employment has Ended

Every once and a while I get asked a question something like this – ‘One of our employees just [quit, was terminated] and a statutory holiday is coming up. Do we have to pay statutory holiday pay after the employment … Continue reading

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