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EI Hours for Statutory Holidays

Previously, I have written about differences between the insurable earnings and hours reportable for statutory holidays. While all such earnings are insurable, there is a very different story for any related hours. The general rule for statutory holidays is that … Continue reading

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Stat Holiday Pay after the End of Employment?

Last week we looked at the impact of statutory holidays on the calculation of wages in lieu of notice, where holidays fall in the notice period. This week we look at it the other way round. If an employee quits, … Continue reading

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Do statutory holidays affect the dollar amount of wages in lieu of notice?

Using the federal labour standards, and those of the 4 western provinces, this article explores how stat holidays and wages in lieu of notice (“WiLoN”) interact (or don’t). This is the first in a two-part series; next week we’ll look … Continue reading

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Disconnect between EI insurable earnings and hours for statutory holidays

Employment standards drive what employees must be paid for statutory holidays – either for entitlement to the holiday itself or for actual work on the holiday. Every employment standards jurisdiction in Canada requires that statutory holiday pay, the entitlement to … Continue reading

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2012 Federal Budget Changes for EI and Federally Regulated Employment

October 18, the Harper government tabled legislation to implement the remaining parts of this year’s federal budget, plus other measures not previously announced. Apart from income tax measures related to the new pooled pension plans, this omnibus legislation contains measures … Continue reading

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