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The 4 Ways Vacations Are Commonly Paid

Vacation pay is one of those areas in payroll where there are great variations between employers. These include variations in the vacation pay rate, the number of vacation weeks provided, the earnings on which vacation pay is accrued and when … Continue reading

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What’s required for retroactive processing in payroll software?

Retroactive payroll processing can be one of the toughest tasks faced by any payroll system. Yet, for many employers, the ability to process retroactive pay adjustments is a fundamental requirement. This article explains some of the basic needs before a … Continue reading

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Vacation pay on inactive service

There has been a recent, active discussion in the Canadian HR Law group on LinkedIn (managed by Stuart Rudner, a fellow blogger on http://www.hrreporter.com) about employee entitlements to vacation arising out of time off on long-term disability. Since the points … Continue reading

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2012 Federal Budget Changes for EI and Federally Regulated Employment

October 18, the Harper government tabled legislation to implement the remaining parts of this year’s federal budget, plus other measures not previously announced. Apart from income tax measures related to the new pooled pension plans, this omnibus legislation contains measures … Continue reading

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When must employees take the vacation time they have earned?

One of the fundamental employment standards entitlements is vacation time. Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, employees might want to either defer or waive their right to this time. Are employers permitted to grant these requests? This really several different … Continue reading

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