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How to avoid pitfalls in vacation policies and practices

Three weeks’ vacation at 6%. Sounds easy doesn’t it. However, vacation policies are complex and unless you pay careful attention, it’s easy to stumble. Here’s how to avoid the major pitfalls. Employers often promise employees so many weeks of paid … Continue reading

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What are Vacation Time and Pay Best Practices?

Payroll best practices are about reducing administrative burden, while at the same time increasing accuracy and compliance. Since there are such wide variances in vacation practices, it’s worth trying to shed some light on how these practices may be improved. … Continue reading

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Vacations and Overtime

Vacations and Overtime Here’s a quick test of your payroll knowledge – Jake takes Monday as a vacation day. For that day, the employer pays Jake 8 hours at his regular hourly rate. During the remainder of the week, Jake … Continue reading

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Vacation pay on inactive service

There has been a recent, active discussion in the Canadian HR Law group on LinkedIn (managed by Stuart Rudner, a fellow blogger on http://www.hrreporter.com) about employee entitlements to vacation arising out of time off on long-term disability. Since the points … Continue reading

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When must employees take the vacation time they have earned?

One of the fundamental employment standards entitlements is vacation time. Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, employees might want to either defer or waive their right to this time. Are employers permitted to grant these requests? This really several different … Continue reading

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