Alan McEwen & Associates

Alan McEwen provides consulting services related to all aspects of Canadian payroll or the implementation of Human Resource, Human Capital or Workforce Management systems.

The full detail’s of his resume are available here.

Among the consulting services Alan provides are:

  • simplifying HR/payroll administrative tasks, without jeopardizing the integrity of employee data;
  • fit/gap assessments of existing payroll systems, to help clients determine the need for new systems;
  • help clients select new payroll systems or software, including identifying payroll requirements, preparing an RFP and managing the vendor selection process;
  • policy and procedure reviews to help ensure compliance with employment standards and source deduction requirements;
  • forensic reviews, to help improve confidence in the accuracy of employee pay or to minimize the risk of payroll fraud;
  • customized payroll training to improve the skill and knowledge of payroll staff;
  • transfers of employee set-up or transaction data between systems; and
  • custom, freelance writing content for websites and other publications.

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  1. paulin12 says:

    Thank you for sharing this information..
    Payroll Management System..

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