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Where does a director “report to work”?

It’s time to test your payroll knowledge. In the following scenario, what do you think is the correct province of employment? Sharon is a member of the board of directors of a Canadian resource company. Although the corporate headquarters are … Continue reading

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Banked Overtime – When must source deductions be taken?

Banked overtime is a common payroll practice. When overtime is banked, the issues that arise usually deal with whether dollars or time are banked, how long overtime may be kept in the bank and the rate at which banked overtime … Continue reading

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Are you sure you know what “wages” are?

The term “wages” appears widely throughout Canadian employment standards. For example, all federal and provincial employment standards require employers to calculate vacation pay based on the “wages” earned by employees. But how are payroll professionals to know for certain the … Continue reading

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Evaluating an HRIS? Look at the database structure.

A key criterion for selecting an HRIS is how flexible the application is. By flexible, I mean how readily the application supports your own specific business needs, particularly if these needs are complex or liable to change over time. From … Continue reading

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