Alan McEwen provides consulting services related to all aspects of Canadian payroll or the implementation of Human Resource, Human Capital or Workforce Management systems.

The full detail’s of his resume are available here.

Among the consulting services Alan provides are:

  • Simplify HR/payroll administrative tasks, without jeopardizing the integrity of employee data;
  • Fit/gap assessments of existing payroll systems, to help clients determine the need for new systems;
  • Help clients select new payroll systems or software, including identifying payroll requirements, preparing an RFP and managing the vendor selection process;
  • Policy and procedure reviews to help ensure compliance with employment standards and source deduction requirements;
  • Forensic reviews, to help improve confidence in the accuracy of employee pay or to minimize the risk of payroll fraud;
  • Customized payroll training to improve the skill and knowledge of payroll staff;
  • Transfers of employee set-up or transaction data between systems; and
  • Custom, freelance writing content for websites and other publications.

7 Responses to About

  1. Michelle says:

    Hi I live in saskatchewan I was wondering if I work a stat day of 12 hours and anything over 12 hours is over time do they have to pay me 1.5 times the 12 hours and 3 times for the over time or is it still all time and a half

    • Michelle, you should probably first check with your employer as to what you are entitled to, but the rules in Saskatchewan are that all work on a statutory holiday are payable at time and a half. This only applies to employees subject to the Saskatchewan employment standards, i.e. not to federally regulated employment.

  2. Peter says:


    Can you please tell me when it became legal for Alberta employers (or other provincial private employers) to forcefully (mandatory) deducts sums of money off an employees regular paychecks for the purpose of purchasing long and short term disability insurance from a private insurance company with which the employer is contracted with?

    I would much rather shop around and decide if, when and what type and from whom I would like to purchase private insurance.

    Thank you


  3. vivian lee says:

    what is the percentage of the vacation pay for hourly paid employee?

  4. Barb Young says:

    Hi Allan,

    I just came across your article from January 2013 regarding retroactive payroll processing. I wondered if you could answer a question for me. I am currently having to calculate retroactive pay due to a collective agreement bargaining. I understand how the calculations work for most of it, but am unsure about the benefits portion, specifically for life insurance and LTD. Would I need to also calculate the life insurance and LTD benefit premiums for the period in question and pay those (75% employer paid, 25% employee paid) ? Some people say no, and others say yes, and I cannot find any good information of this on the internet to give me a straight answer on this.

    Thank you,

    Barb Young
    Assistant to the Controller
    Sudbury Hospital Services
    Sudbury, ON

    • Barb, there is no answer to this question to be found in the applicable employment standards. That’s likely the reason you haven’t been able to find any information on it on the Internet.

      The only straight answer you might be able to find would be in the documentation from the carrier for these benefits. Somewhere you will find how the earnings for the life insurance and LTD premiums are defined. However, those definitions are likely just to say something like regular salary or annual earnings.

      In the end, it depends on how you define the effective date for the salary changes in the information to the carrier. If you back date the retroactive increases in the information you give the carrier, then you will have to calculate life insurance and LTD premiums on the retro increase. If you give the carrier a current date for these changes, then no retro would apply to these benefit premiums.

      Make sense?


  5. paulin12 says:

    Thank you for sharing this information..
    Payroll Management System..

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