About Alan McEwen

Alan McEwen is one of the leading payroll consultants in Canada, having spent almost 20 years working in all facets of the industry. As a payroll practitioner, he has implemented and managed outsourced payroll operations for both large and small employers. He has consulted with many organizations, public and private, on HR/payroll process re-engineering and strategic systems decisions. As a noted public speaker, Alan has provided payroll training in a variety of formats, from short sessions at conferences and trade shows, to one-day training sessions and college-based professional certification courses. Alan has also written extensively for all the major publications read by payroll professionals in Canada. He is also a noted software developer, having developed advanced Canadian payroll software for use in outsourcing or by large and complex employers.

Among the consulting services Alan has provided in the past are:

  • assessing HR/payroll practices, to identify areas where administrative tasks could be simplified without sacrificing payroll accuracy;
  • payroll system reviews, to help clients decide whether a new system is needed or there are other solutions to payroll problems;
  • helping clients select new payroll systems or software, including identifying payroll requirements, preparing an RFP and managing the vendor selection process;
  • policy and procedure reviews to help ensure compliance with employment standards, source deduction and reporting requirements, or to minimize the risk of payroll fraud;
  • forensic reviews of payroll history, to help resolve disputes about the accuracy of employee pay;
  • customized payroll training to improve the skill and knowledge level of payroll staff;
  • data conversions to transfer employee set-up or transaction history between systems; and
  • providing custom, freelance writing content for websites and other publications.

Please see the full details of Alan’s resume by clicking here.

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