Taxable benefits – cash or non-cash?

Taxable benefits, with one exception, are only insurable earnings for EI premium purposes where these are provided as cash or near-cash. If taxable benefits are non-cash, the general rule is that no EI premiums are due and there is no … Continue reading

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How employee benefits impact GST remittances

One of the oft forgotten topics in payroll is the relationship between employee benefits and federal and/or provincial sales taxes, GST, HST and QST. Here we’ll use the single term GST to refer to all three. Most employee benefits have … Continue reading

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How Canadian Employees Spend Their Paycheques

PaySavvy, a Vancouver-based provider of cloud-based HR, time and attendance and payroll software, has created an online tool showing how much employees earn, on average, by jurisdiction and what employees do with this pay, across different types of expenses. What … Continue reading

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The federally regulated minimum wage

The New Democratic Party has begun releasing its platform for the expected 2015 federal election. Last week, the NDP promised it would raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour, over the course of its first term should the … Continue reading

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Today’s EI announcement – lower small business employer premiums

Today the Harper government announced a new tax credit for small business employers. I’m not sure the initial press coverage gave a very clear description of what is being done. First, there will be no actual reduction in the upfront … Continue reading

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What’s needed for a career in payroll

Three attributes employers often seek in payroll staff are: work experience in payroll, certification by the Canadian Payroll Association and knowledge of the HRIS or payroll system used by that employer. While these are understandable, I am not sure they … Continue reading

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What HR needs to know about EI

Payroll primarily experiences Employment Insurance as a series of source deduction and reporting requirements. However, EI is also an employee benefit plan, in much the same way that WCB coverage and employer-sponsored disability plans are other types of employee benefit … Continue reading

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